Jazan University announces academic jobs (men / women) for bachelor’s degree holders and above

Jazan University has announced the availability of academic positions ( men / women ) that are vacant and occupied by non-Saudis, and it wishes to fill them by contracting with qualified national competencies, according to the details shown below.

1- Teaching Assistant.
2- Lecturer.
3- Assistant Professor.
4- Associate Professor.
5- Professor.

Required majors:
– Business Administration.
– mathematics.
Medical Sciences (Nursing).
– english language.
– drugs.
Ambulance and emergency.
Clinical nutrition.
– Respiratory Therapy.
– natural therapy.
– Nuclear medicine – X-ray – CT scan.
– X-ray – CT scan.
Health education and promotion.
– Health information.
– Industrial engineering.
– Energy management.
Construction engineering.
Building construction.
– Interior Design.
Technology and information security.
– Computer Science.
Computer and network engineering.
Zoology – microbiology – botany.
– Business Administration – Tourism and Hotel Management.
– Marketing and e-commerce.
Finance and banking.
– Administrative information system.
– antiquities.
Press and electronic publishing.
– English literature.
– Jurisprudence – the origins of jurisprudence.
– Jurisprudence.
– The origins of jurisprudence.
Hadith and its sciences.
– Civil Law.
Administrative-financial-criminal law.
– Chemical Engineering.
– electrical engineering.
– mechanical engineering.
– nursing.
– business management.
– immunity.
– English Literature – Applied Linguistics.
– pure mathematics.
Diagnostic radiology technology.
Pediatric nursing.
Building technology.
Plant taxonomy.
– leading businesses.
Corporate Finance.
Business Analytics.
– Marketing and e-commerce.
– Jurisprudence.
– Administrative Law.
– civil law.
Chemical engineering technology.
Electrical engineering technology.
– Mechanical Engineering Technology.
– Zoology.
Psychiatric and mental nursing.
– Algebra.
– Internal diseases.
Human anatomy.
Dental protection.
Tooth repair.
Replacement sciences.
Maxillofacial surgery and diagnostic sciences.
Clinical pharmacology.
Pharmaceutical chemistry.
Pharmaceutical and toxicology sciences.
Health Informatics.
– Nursing.
– the industrial engineering.
– civil engineering.
– architecture.
– mathematics.
– Biology.
– Business Management.
– Press and media.
– Archaeology.
– Islamic Law.
– the law.
– surgery.
Internal medicine – forensic medicine.
– Pediatrics.
Obstetrics and gynecology.
– Anatomy.
– Physiology.
Medical biochemistry.
Microbiology and medical parasitology.
– Pathology.
Clinical medicines.
Root canal treatment.
Dental correction.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Dental replacement.
– Clinical Pharmacy – Pharmacy practice.
Pharmaceutical chemistry.
– Biology.
.. and another.

General Conditions:
– The application (submitted through the website) must include all required documents in PDF format.
– Any application in which the information provided through the website differs from the reality of the information on the official documents will be excluded, and the applicant bears responsibility for that.
– The applicant is not entitled to compete for more than one academic position (applying to one department and one college only) and excludes all applications that involve repetition.
– The applicant should review the list of available jobs and select the department and specialization that corresponds to the qualifications held by the applicant.
Applying for these jobs is not considered a final nomination.
– Any application that does not complete the conditions and controls described in “First and Second” will be excluded.

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Submission deadline:
– Submission begins, God willing, on Sunday, 06/08/1444 AH, corresponding to 02/26/2023 AD, and submission ends on Saturday, 08/19/1444 AH, corresponding to 03/11/2023 AD.

How to apply:
– Through the following link:
click _ here

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