Public Security announces the results of final acceptance (men) for the rank of (soldier) for high school campaigns

The Ministry of Interior , represented by the General Administration of Central Admission at the Agency of the Ministry of Interior for Military Affairs, announced the results of final acceptance for military jobs ( men ) at the rank of ( soldier ) in ( General Security ), according to the details shown below.

Important instructions before attending the course:
It is forbidden to enter medical medicines, and in case of necessity, they should be disclosed in detail when preparing.
It is forbidden to bring civilian clothes (thobes, headscarves, sharp tools, sunglasses, etc….).
Smoke and anything related to it are prohibited, and all communication, recording, imaging and smart devices are not allowed.
The student is prohibited from attending the course venue in his own car, and cars will not be allowed to enter or park near the fences, and the student will bear full responsibility when violating this.
Raising your level of physical fitness before entering the course will help you perform the training work effectively and avoid injury, God forbid.

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