The Armed Forces Medical Services announces 347 jobs for all qualifications in several regions

The Armed Forces Medical Services announced the availability of 347 jobs for all qualifications in several regions, according to the details and application method shown below.

– Covenant Department Supervisor.
– General nurse.
– Supervisor of the warehouse of medical materials.
– Director of the Supply Follow-up Department.
Multimedia developer.
Emergency medicine resident.
Emergency resident physician.
– A renal resident doctor.
Business Analyst.
– Computer programmer.
Developer / programmer.
– Computer operator to.
Application manager.
– Office Manager.
– Specialist Purchases.
Central operator (secondary).
Payroll specialist.
Employee relations specialist.
British science teacher.
– hiring specialist.
– British curriculum teacher, reception class.
Statistics specialist.
– British curriculum teacher for the primary stage.
– British curriculum teacher, basic stage.
– British curriculum teacher, English language.
Respiratory therapist.
Internal resident.
Cardiac technician.
– Director of the Human Resources Department.
Materials Controller.
Aeromedical evacuation management.
Director of the Strategy Implementation Office.
Aircraft spare parts and materials officer.
– Head of the Department of Performance and Institutional Excellence.
Strategic performance indicators specialist.
– warehouse guard.
– Custodian.
Strategic project management specialist.
Emergency resident physician.
Legal specialist.
– Treasurer.
Competitions official.
File manager.
– Data entry.
– Secretary.
– Administrative Coordinator.
Intensive care resident physician.
– computer engineer.
– waiter.
Systems analyst and designer.
– contracts specialist.
– Mechanical technician.
– Electrician.
– Computer technician.
– Technician Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
– a cook.
– plumber.
Safety specialist.
Clinical educator (nursing).
Dental assistant doctor.
Architectural painter.
Secretary (Human Resources Department)
Secretary (Nursing Institute)
Secretary (Nursing Department)
Quality Manager Quality Specialist Patient Care Technician
Head of Personnel Affairs Assistant Hospital Engineer Electrical Technician Mechanical Technician – Refrigeration Technician – Generators and Air Conditioning Technician – General Air Conditioning Technician – Electronics Technician

– Electricity technician.
Heater operator.
– security guard.
Senior Software Engineer.
Materials Controller.
Catering specialist.
Bidding specialist.
Computer operator.
Data production supervisor.
Systems analyst.
– Director of Finance and Budget Department.
… and another.

Functional areas:
– Administrative.
– geometric.
– Technique.
– a wish.
– Artistic.
– healthy.
– medical.
– Legal.
– Academy.

Places of work:
– Najran Armed Forces Hospital.
Armed Forces Hospitals in Taif.
– King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Northwest – Tabuk.
– Prince Sultan Armed Forces Hospital in Madinah.
– Armed Forces Hospital in Jubail.
Armed Forces Hospital in Hafar Al-Batin.
– Air Medical Evacuation Department in Riyadh.
– Armed Forces Hospital in Sharurah.
– Armed Forces Hospital in Jizan.
– Administration of Armed Forces Hospitals in Al-Kharj.
– King Fahd Military Medical Complex in Dhahran.
King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah.
– Armed Forces Hospital in Wadi Al-Dawasir.
Armed Forces Hospital in the south, Khamis Mushait.

How to apply:
– Through the following link:
click _ here

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