The Capital Market Authority provides an administrative job (men / women) in the field of beneficiary experiences

The Capital Market Authority in Riyadh announced through its website ( the employment portal ) the availability of an administrative job ( men / women ) in the field of beneficiary experiences, according to the details shown below.

Job Title:
– Beneficiary Experience Specialist.

1- The applicant must be a Saudi national.
2- Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Data Analysis, Information Systems Management, or equivalent.
3- Three (3) years of experience for a bachelor’s degree or (2) years for a master’s degree.
3- It is preferable for the candidate to obtain professional certificates in flexible project management or a professional certificate in data analytics.

Tasks and responsibilities:
1- Analyzing and evaluating all (communication channels) with the Capital Market Authority, whether for the channels through which external beneficiaries communicate (individuals – companies – government) in addition to the internal channels to implement the services of the Authority’s employees, and then work on analyzing the data and submitting a detailed report on the most prominent Weaknesses in addition to development opportunities to provide exceptional and smooth experiences for beneficiaries.
2- Reviewing and evaluating the “services” provided by the Authority to external and internal beneficiaries, working on analyzing the data and submitting a detailed report on the most prominent weaknesses facing the beneficiary, in addition to the development opportunities to provide exceptional and smooth service to the beneficiaries.
3- Designing a Customer Journey Map for the Authority’s services and channels, in addition to building “Personas” to simulate the beneficiaries’ journey map.
4- Working on managing and monitoring the indicator (satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the services of the Capital Market Authority) through analyzing and calculating all indicators of satisfaction and reflecting them on the strategic indicator to measure the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.
5- Building, updating, analyzing and monitoring all questionnaires provided by the Commission, whether for external or internal beneficiaries, according to the internal procedures applied in the center.

How to apply:
– Through the following link:
click here

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