The Ministry of the Interior announces military jobs, rank (Deputy Sergeant, Corporal, Senior Soldier) for the female cadre

The General Administration for Central Admission at the Agency of the Ministry of Interior for Military Affairs announced the opening of admission and registration at the General Directorate of Medical Services at the Ministry of Interior with the rank of ( Deputy Sergeant, Corporal, and First Soldier ) for female cadres, according to the details and method of submission shown below.

Rank/function Required qualification Required majors
sergeant agent BSC Nursing – general laboratories
Corporal Health diploma for two and a half years Nursing – general laboratories
first soldier Health diploma for two years Nursing – general laboratories – dental assistant

1- The applicant must have the academic qualification required for the job applied for.
2- The applicant must be of Saudi origin and origin, with the exception of those who grew up with her father while serving the state outside the Kingdom.
3- The applicant must be of good conduct and reputation, and has not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty.
4- To have an independent, valid national identity at the time of submission.
5- The applicant should not have previously been appointed to a job subject to the military service system, or had terminated her services from military centers or institutes for any reason, or an employee in a government agency.  
6- Not to be married to a non-Saudi.
7- The applicant must pass all admission procedures and tests. 
8- For certificates issued outside the Kingdom, they must be equalized by the Ministry of Education and certified. 
9- The applicant should have a valid professional registration card and health qualification classification certificate from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties during the application period.
10- Obtaining a bachelor’s degree, diploma, in the same health specialization, with a grade of no less than (good). 

Submission deadline:
– Submission is available now, starting today, Saturday, 07/20/1444 AH, corresponding to 02/11/2023 AD, and the submission ends on Thursday, 07/25/1444 AH, corresponding to 02/16/2023 AD.

The General Administration of Central Admission at the Agency of the Ministry of Interior for Military Affairs apologizes to female applicants for stopping and postponing registration for medical services jobs at the Ministry of Interior, and you will be informed later of the new registration date ( source )

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